Posted by Cary on Feb 27, 2017 3:18:39 PM
Private schools in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario has the youngest population overall in the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, it is no surprise that the city is known for its fantastic educational institutions. If you happen to be looking at different Brampton schools and are thinking about sending your child to a privatized education, here is a profile of St. Jude’s Academy, a school in the Brampton area that has a distinctive curriculum.

The Different Pedagogical Methods

Generally, private schools offer a diverse range of curriculum options for parents. The city is known for providing its community with a vast array of programs for different types of students. Brampton’s pedagogical methods range from curriculums for children with special education needs (such as children with ADHD) to language immersion schools, such as French immersion. St. Jude’s Academy is a unique institution with a curriculum is focusing on helping students master the basics of core subjects (STEM, English and History, etc) additionally the school also has a thriving arts program. For parents with children who love to learn and express themselves creatively, St. Jude’s  Academy may be one of the best private schools in Brampton area for your family.  A good choice for a school for special needs may be Oakwood Academy

IB Program:

Many parents enroll their children into private education in hopes of providing them with enriched education. A popular choice for parents interested in private Brampton schools is the International Baccalaureate program. This program allows students to attend more advanced version of their high school classes. Like other schools in the in Mississauga and Brampton area, St. Jude’s Academy offers their students the option to take the IB courses.

Outside of their IB courses, St. Jude’s Academy also describes itself as a school with a great deal of gifted learning support. This means that students can potentially benefit from custom subject enrichment.

Smaller Class Sizes means More Face Time with Teachers:

Generally, a private school’s class size is smaller than that of a public school because of the exclusivity of their entrance requirements. The benefits of smaller class sizes for students and teachers have been long documented. Most notably, a smaller class size allows a child more time to interact with a teacher in a classroom. Ideally, smaller classes also allow questions to be answered quicker, connections between teachers and students to be deepened, and ideologically exchanges to be facilitated easily. St. Jude’s Academy has been highlighted as a school that dedicates itself to providing smaller class sizes for their students by

Contemporary School – Endless Opportunities

St. Jude’s Academy is a relatively new progressing school in the GTA. A newer school can allow your child to truly build their own mark and find their own place with teachers and peers during their elementary and secondary school years.

Ultimately, the best private school in the Brampton area for your child will always be one that suits your child’s unique education needs. Make sure to research a variety of privatized educational institutions before deciding on one for you and your family.