International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an academically rigorous programme with external exams designed to prepare the students aged 16-19 for university and higher education. The programme is formulated to develop our students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing. The IB Diploma Programme has gained both recognition and accolades from the world’s leading universities as the diploma prepares the students for an active participation in a globally evolving society.

Diploma Programme Model


The DP has 6 main areas of study. All schools authorized to teach the DP have a similar structure, but may have different subject offerings due to their size and the interests of the students. Students choose one subject from each area of study; three at the Higher Level (HL) (three credits over two years) and three at the Standard Level (SL) (two credits over one or two years). They then also take the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class 2 terms over two years, complete the Extended Essay (EE) and their responsibilities to Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS)

GROUP 1: Language and Literature HL – compulsory English credits.
GROUP 2: Language Acquisition – French SL (taught in Year 1)
GROUP 3: Individuals and Societies – History of the Americas HL
Business Management HL
History SL (taught in Year 1)
GROUP 4: Sciences – Biology SL (taught in Year 1)
Chemistry HL
Physics SL (taught in Year 1)
GROUP 5: Mathematics – Math SL (taught over two years)
Math Studies (taught over two years)
GROUP 6: Arts and electives (one SL from the other groups)
Visual Arts (2019)

For International Students:
GROUP 1: Self-taught Mandarin SL (students will work primarily on their own with support from the ESL teacher, who speaks Mandarin)
GROUP 2: Students will have the opportunity to study English SL in order to earn an English 4U university entrance compulsory credit.