The Middle Year’s Programme

The Middle Year’s Programme (or MYP) is the designation given by the IB Organization to grades 7-10. At St. Jude’s Academy, MYP functions as a transition from elementary school to high school. These years prepare students for the challenges that they will face in high school and later on in university. By preparing students at such a young age, St. Jude’s develops students that have the tools and knowledge to succeed later on in life. In order to prepare students for the rotary type environment of high school and university, the students have 2 teachers, who teach the core subjects of math, English, science and history. Specialists are brought into teach French, art, music, drama and gym.

The students also have a class dedicated to media arts. This class focuses on the rapidly growing dependence on technology for presentations, interactions and information. As young adults, St. Jude’s is aware that these students need special skills in order to navigate this ever changing technological world and the importance of an informed use of social media.