Athletics is about more than just making the sports team - it's in everything we do. That is why we take PE every day. In addition to regular gym class, each student plays intramural sports, participates in field days, and is encouraged to take athleticism beyond the school.

In grades 5-8, St. Jude's delves deeply into athletics with skiing, curling, rock climbing, and tennis. Instead of going skiing or curling once a year, our students go multiple times in order to become proficient in these areas.

Our lease with the former Club Meadowvale fitness club has given us the opportunity to convert the facility there into a large indoor soccer field, a full-size basketball court and gymnasium, as well as the fitness centre. St. Jude's students will use this facility (which is located just up the street from the school) extensively starting this fall. We expect the new facilities to have a major impact on the quality of programs we are able to offer in the area of athletics as one of the best-equipped private schools in the area for soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Furthermore, we have recently partnered with St. Jude's FC, an Ontario Soccer Approved Academy Program, to offer professional soccer coaching to all of our students as part of their tuition. Students who wish to play competitively outside of the school program are welcome to join the Football Club at a reduced price.

SSAF Members

St. Judes Academy is a member of the Small School Athletic Federation (SSAF). With the SSAF, the school participates in competitive team sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track.