We can get you there!

We understand that some students live further away and, for any parent, it can be a challenge to drop off and pick up their child from school every day. To combat this, we offer numerous bus routes every school day.

Our bus routes cover these boundaries as follows: North boundary at Queen Street West in Brampton, West boundary at Ninth Line, South boundary at Dundas and East boundary at Highway 10 (Hurontario Street). However, we do offer out-of-boundary pickup for an additional fee.

St. Jude’s Academy drivers are trusted and professional, with a minimum of three years school bus driving experience. Our busses are year 2020, including air conditioned school busses.

We offer this bussing service to help your morning pickup and afternoon drop-off routine run seamlessly. Please contact A. Khursheed at akhursheed@stjudesacademy.ca for bus fees and schedule information.

NOW AVAILABLE: Our New Bus Tracking System!

No more guessing when your bus is coming, waiting in the cold when the bus is late or rushing in case the bus is early! With our new bus tracking system, you’ll know exactly where the bus is and when it will arrive at your stop. Your mornings and afternoons won’t be as chaotic anymore due to stressful pickups and drop-offs. Taking the bus to and from school will always be an easy and worry-free experience for you and your child.

We have ensured that our bus tracking system is user-friendly and free for you to use at your convenience. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you’ll know your bus location and arrival time, without the need for frantic calls to the school about where your bus is. School bussing is one of the safest methods of transportation, and with our new tracking system, it’s more convenient and easier than ever!