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St. Jude's Academy Alumni

Graduation means taking pride in seeing our students off to university as they remain a meaningful part of the St. Jude’s Academy family. Alumni continue to be heavily involved in our community, whether that be through taking on an internship position at the school during their summers off from university, or guest-speaking at the following class’ graduation ceremony. We cherish our close contact with our alumni, as we get to continue watching them grow and blossom into successful young adults and active world citizens.

St. Jude's Academy best private school IB continuum preparatory GTA mIssissauga

Our times here can all be considered a learning experience, during which we discovered the value of friendship and the importance of individualism. We became more responsible and mature, and most importantly, solidified our interests and discovered our passions … Today I look amongst our class and I see a bright, bright future for you all.

– Shaheer Ali, Valedictorian, Class of 2018-19

St. Judes Academy best private school mississauga IB continuum preparatory

I implore you not to settle for what arises first but to go on and be exceptional in whatever you do. That begins with holding yourself responsible to a very high standard … there are many opportunities to gain support from many different sources. Take advantage of these opportunities and improve your skills, character, and self-discipline by exposing yourself to other points of view and thinking for yourself.

– Orlando Scarlett, Valedictorian, Class of 2017-18, Guest Speaker, 2019 Graduation Ceremony