Posted by Cary on Sep 12, 2016 3:46:04 PM
Private schools in Brampton

Private education in the GTA and Canada in general has always been a long standing tradition, but were not as popular in the last few decades. This is changing rapidly now.

Far from being a marginal phenomenon, private schools are surging to new popularity.

Why? The answer is very simple. It is a fact that private schools generally provide better education and prepare kids for university on a higher level than public schools do.

Private schools in Brampton and Mississauga area have seen an increase of 5.6% of the total number of students in recent years, a considerable number and further proof that private schools offer something public schools do not.

More evidence of the surging popularity of private education in the GTA and Canada is the revolution in public opinion that has been observed on a country wide scale with regards to private schools. While traditionally private schools have been considered to be small establishments for the elite, this is no longer so.

The truth is there are many private schools in Brampton and Mississauga, most of them offering superb education for affordable prices, especially when compared to their public counterparts.

Furthermore, many schools offer a possibility to enroll for a scholarship, which reduces the tuition fees even more. Instead of thinking about the financial aspect, parents come to think of private schools as a long term financial investment in their children’s future that will pay itself back by providing their children with all the skills that a young adult must have in order to thrive in the modern economy.

Supply is created by demand. Private schools don’t differ in this from any other service provider. Therefore, the fact that there is a growing number of private schools in Brampton and Mississauga area, and that they tend to specialize in different educational aspects, is indicative of a growing demand for this type of schooling.

One more thing to note, with regards to the economic aspect, is the great deal of resources invested in improving the quality of private education in the GTA.

We believe this to be a good thing, and the increased popularity of private education can help break up some historical prejudices against private schools and allow more kids to gain a better education.

To summarize things, we claim that the answer to the question we started with is yes, private schools are making a comeback. Want to know more? Call us now and schedule a visit. St. Jude’s Academy is here for you.