Our Blended In-School & Remote Learning Plan

Welcome to the St. Jude’s Academy Blended-In School & Remote Learning Plan! Please refer to the links below for information about academics and student life specific to each grade level, as well as helpful student and parent resources, communications and FAQs.

St. Jude’s Academy, the IB leader in education, provides full-day, everyday, in-class education!

We are engaging our students with rich new learning experiences and activities that continue to deliver our school mission and keep them connected with their teachers, classmates and community.

Please read our current Reopening Policy & Forms.

Continuous Learning

The Academics pages outline the different Continuous Learning expectations for students, teachers and families. Student Life & Wellness covers everything from our exciting extracurricular programs to how our Continuous Learning supported and prioritized our students’ physical and mental health. 

Here is what St. Jude’s Academy parents have said about our Continuous Learning:

“A smooth & quick transition to online learning”
“Just right”
“Students are being kept active in their learning”
“Lots of efforts from teachers”
“Appreciate the manageable workload”
“Activities are interesting”
“Good structure”
“Online learning keeps getting smoother”

One of our main platforms, ManageBac, recently contacted us to congratulate our success!

The ManageBac team “noticed that St. Jude’s Academy students and staff have been logging in quite a bit over the last month. This is very impressive, especially given the current situation!” ManageBac wanted to know what we have been doing to garner this success and even asked what advice we could offer other schools!

St. Jude’s Academy is a caring and resilient community that will support one another during the campus closure.

To learn more about St. Jude’s Academy, from wellness, to citizenship, athletics and university preparation, please visit other sections of our website.