St. Jude's Academy JK Grade 12 private school IB World School Mississauga DP MYP PYP Diploma Programme Middle Years Programme Primary Years Programme

Year at a Glance 2019-2020

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August 12 – September 3PD Days (No School for Students)
August 28Lower School Orientation, 5 -7 pm                                 
August 29Student Orientation (Upper School)
August 29Parent Information Session (Upper School)
September 2Labour Day (No School)
September 3PD Day  IB Training (No School for Students)
September 4First Day of School
September 4Term 1 Begins (Lower School)
September 4 – 6Neophyte Week
September 6Spirit  Day: House Colours Dress Up
September 13Terry Fox Run (Lower School)
September 19Welcome BBQ
September 20 – 27Fall Fundraiser
September 25Casual Day
September 27University Fair Trip (Grade 11 & 12)
September 30Orange Shirt Day (Lower School)
October 4Nea Archi, 7 pm – 9 pm (New Parents Info. Session)
October 8Study Hall (Upper School)
October 9Study Hall (Upper School)
October 11PD Day – IB Training (No School for Students)
October 14Thanksgiving Day (No School)
October 17International Day (Lower School)
October 24Parent-Teacher Conferences (Upper School)
October 29Picture Day
October 30Casual Day
October 30Parent-Teacher Conferences (Upper School)
October 31Spirit Day: Halloween/Harvest Dress-Up
November 5Guy Fawkes Day
November 8PD Day (No School for Students)
November 11Remembrance Day (No School)
November 13Kindness Day
November 15Science Fair (JK – Grade 8)
November 20Picture Retakes
November 21Study Hall (Upper School)
November 22Study Hall (Upper School)
November 23Open House, 10 am – 2 pm
November 27Casual Day
November 29Report Cards Sent Home (Lower School)
November 29Progress/Report Cards Sent Home (Upper School)
December 2Term 2 Begins (Lower School)
December 5Student-Led Conferences (Lower School)
December 10Christmas Concert (JK – Grade 2)
December 17Christmas Concert (Grade 3 – Grade 8)
December 18Casual Day
December 19Spirit Day: Red, Green, & White Dress Up
December 20Christmas Holiday (No School)
December 20 – January 7Christmas Holidays (No School)
January 6Christmas Holidays (No School)
January 7Christmas Holidays (No School)
January 8Back to School
January 15Personal Project Showcase
January 20 – January 29Exams (Upper School)
January 24Town Hall, 7pm – 9 pm (State of the School Discussion)
January 30Casual Day
January 30Study Hall (Upper School)
January 31Semester Turnaround: No School (Upper School)
February 6Oral Competition: JK – Grade 3
February 7Oral Competition: Grade 4 – Grade 8
February 7Report Cards Sent Home (Upper School)
February 8Open House, 10 am – 2 pm
February 10Year Ahead Day (Lower School)
February 13100th Day of School (Lower School)
February 13Spirit Day: Valentine’s Day Dress Up
February 14PD Day, IB Training (No School for Students)
February 17Family Day (No School)
February 21Picture Day  – Siblings & Graduation (Grade 6, 10 & 12)
February 25Pancake Tuesday
February 25Casual Day
February 26Pink Shirt Day
February 27Oral Competition: SJA vs Maples Academy
March 2 – March 6Spirit Week
March (Dates TBD)Argentina Trip (Grade 9 – Grade 12)
March 9 – March 20March Break (No School)
March 23Back to School
March 23Continued Online Learning Begins
March 25Casual Day
March 26Grade 10 Personal Project Presentations
March 27Report Cards Sent Home (Lower School) (TBD)
March 31Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (Grade 10)
April 2Student-Led Conferences (Lower School) POSTPONED
April 2Autism Awareness Day – Blue for Two
April 8Parent-Teacher Conferences (Upper School)
April 9Spirit Day: Easter Colours Dress Up
April 10DP Student IA Final Copy Due
April 10Good Friday (No School)
April 13Easter Monday (No School)
April 16Parent-Teacher Conferences (Upper School)
April 18Open House, 10 am – 2 pm POSTPONED
April 22Earth Day
April 22Shakespeare Play Production will now be an Audio-Play
April 24Dynami Evening, 7 pm – 9 pm See our virtual videos at
April 24Report Cards Sent Home (Upper School Semestered Courses Only)
April 29Ability Awareness Silent Dance POSTPONED
May 1DP Exam – Business Management paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 4DP Exam – Business Management paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 4DP Exam – Mandarin Language & Literature paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 5DP Exam – Mandarin Language & Literature paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 5DP Exam – History paper 1 & 2 (pm) Cancelled
May 6DP Exam – History paper 3 (am) Cancelled
May 7DP Exam – Biology paper 1 & 2 (pm) Cancelled
May 8DP Exam – Biology paper 3 (am) Cancelled
May 8Grade 6 Exhibition
May 11DP Exam – Mathematical Studies paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 11DP Exam – Mathematics paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 12DP Exam – Mathematical Studies paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 12DP Exam – Mathematics paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 14DP Exam – English A Language & Literature paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 14DP Exam – English B paper 1 (pm) Cancelled
May 15Boredom Buster Day 9:00am – 12:00pm
May 15PD Day
May 15DP Exam – English A Language & Literature paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 15DP Exam – English B paper 2 (am) Cancelled
May 15DP Exam – Chemistry paper 1 & 2 (pm) Cancelled
May 18Victoria Day (No School for most Students)
May 18DP Exam – Chemistry paper 3 (am) Cancelled
May 20DP Exam – Physics paper 1 & 2 (pm) Cancelled
May 21DP Exam – Physics paper 3 (am) Cancelled
May 22DP Exam – contingency hold Cancelled
May 27SJA Online Spelling Bee (JK – Grade2)
May 28SJA Online Spelling Bee (Grades 3 – 8)
May 29SJA vs TMA Online Spelling Bee
June 1 – 5Virtual Track & Field (JK – Grade 8)
June 15 – 17Elements Trip (Grade 12) (TBD)
June 17Last Day of School St. Jude’s has extended the school year until June 30, 2020 – whether online or face-to-face.
June 19Grade 12 & DP Graduation
June 24SJA Imaginarium – A Virtual Arts Showcase
June 24JK – Grade 5, Grades 7-9 and Grade 11 Promotion Ceremonies
June 25Grade 6 PYP and Grade 10 MYP Graduation Ceremonies
June 25 – 30Study Hall (Upper School)
June 26House Cup Assembly
June 30Report Cards Mailed Out (Lower School)
June 30Last Day of School St. Jude’s has extended the school year until June 30, 2020 – whether online or face-to-face.
July 13 – August 14SJA Educational & Adventure Summer Fun Camp JK – Grade 5
July 20 – August 14SJA Leadership Camp Grades 6 – 12