IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 Updates, our spring camp dates, programs and fees will be updated in keeping with Government of Ontario policies and protocols. New information will be made available here.

We are excited to announce our refreshed spring ADVENTURE CAMP program! St. Jude’s Academy (SJA) Adventure Camp offers an exciting array of fun, activity-based programs for campers of all ages. Adventure Camp provides opportunities for exploration, creativity and personal growth within a positive atmosphere. Our goal is to inspire campers through meaningful participation and rich experiences. Adventure Camp is committed to helping busy families with amazing opportunities for their children during the spring and summer. This year, the SJA school spring break has been divided into two one-week sessions: March 7-11 and March 14-18. We host these spring camp sessions with activities led by qualified instructors. Prices include snacks. Games, events and activities vary weekly with different themes that give campers a fresh perspective. If you require further information, please contact