Be a part of the St. Jude's Academy family.

What sets us apart from other schools is the rare sense of family within our community. At St. Jude’s, kindergarten students don’t just know their peers — they know high school seniors. Our teachers don’t just know their students — they know all of the students in the school. We see our school as a family because our school culture is welcoming, warm and accepting of others, and we value every unique individual. Parents, faculty, junior students and senior students alike are known and have a voice. Representation matters to us, and we take pride in fostering a tight-knit community which feels like home to many diverse people. We welcome you to be a part of our St. Jude’s family.

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Parent Testimonials

“My kids enjoy the small, tight-knit community. Every teacher and faculty member knows them by name and knows who their siblings are in the school. They have made friendships at St. Jude’s that will last them a lifetime. The kids enjoy teachers who allow them to express themselves and who listen to their ideas, even if it is different from their own. Encouraging my kids to think for themselves is what I appreciate the most from St. Jude’s. The teachers who have really connected with my kids are the ones who look at them not as students, but as human beings that are going to change the world for the better.”

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“Just a note to let the school know how well the online lessons are going for our sons. Though it has only been three days, so far they are engaged and working at their stations consistently.

A special mention for our teacher who is amazing. She’s conducting online lessons with gusto. Offline, she checks through students’ work and responds with comments or connections, keeping parents in the loop. We are very appreciative of her efforts.”

“Making the best of these crazy times. First, let me thank you for your dedication to my child’s learning. We are so happy with the quality of education. Your commitment is commendable! Keep up the great work.

Overall, be safe!”

Teacher Testimonials

During our continuous learning, we have made extra efforts to show appreciation for our hard-working staff. Here’s what our teachers had to say about the special appreciation gifts we delivered to their homes:


“Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement. I can’t wait to share it with my family! Thank you for all that you do to keep St. Jude’s Academy running! Not all heroes wear capes.” – SJA Teacher

“Thank you so much for the gift basket. That was so unexpected. I appreciate all that you guys do. I can’t believe that you drove all this way. Thank you so much!” – SJA Teacher