SJA leads in providing in-class and remote learning. Below are the St. Jude’s Academy Operations and Leadership staff that help make St. Jude's Academy the success story that we are. Our Leadership Team consists of faculty and administrators that offer their expertise to provide the best possible solutions to a variety of issues, projects and programs focussed on student success.
Aaron Sawatsky
Founder & Owner, Family of Schools
Melissa Chin
Head of School, St. Jude's Academy
Marijana Haag
Vice Principal & PYP and MYP Coordinator
Lee Roe-Etter
Dean of IB & DP Coordinator
Dawn Goulart
Operations Manager
Stephen Neal
Head of Student Life
Vickie Chang
Head of Guidance & Learning Support
Abby Sawatsky
Platform Manager
Presy Malan
Accounting Manager
Ursula Roeckenwagner
Admissions Director, St. Jude's Academy
Kiara Jones
Marketing Director, Family of Schools
Ben Milburn
Athletics Director
Myles Fynn-Aggrey
Media Representative
Elisa Chiappetta
Student Services Coordinator & Camps Coordinator
Anna Khursheed
Bussing Coordinator
Melissa Filion
Head of Student Accounts & Registrar
Jovana Haag
Stephen Whetstone
International Student Residence Director
Laura Russell
International Coordinator