Overview of Grades 3 to 6 Continuous Academics

On March 23, 2020, our teachers rose to the challenge of continuous learning quickly and efficiently! Both homeroom and specialist classes were offered in creative, interactive online formats for our students. To accommodate the difficulties of delivering curriculum online, the school year was extended.

Grade 3 to 6 students and parents enjoyed printed-out packages, a regular Monday-to-Friday schedule with flexibility, live (synchronous) lessons,  face-to-face interaction between classmates and teachers on Zoom, pre-recorded video (asynchronous) lessons weekly to allow flexibility, tools shared daily on Seesaw including schedules, lessons, audio instructions, links, tasks, RAZ Kids assignments and teacher feedback, and finally, pencil-paper activities and supplies to continue development of fine motor skills.

During our continuous learning, curriculum increased focus on numeracy and literacy:


The DRA assessments for Term 3 were modified to be conducted in an online format, Term 3 OWAs was replaced with a compilation of writing in a class anthology, novel studies progressed as a read-aloud, group readings or individual readings with follow-up discussions and tasks and Grade 3 to 4 students complete RAZ reading assignments.


Lessons were taught online at a slower pace to ensure conceptual understanding, which also allowed for additional practice time. Assessments were conducted in various age-appropriate formats.

Additionally, Term 3 Units of Inquiry continued with modified lessons suited to an online platform, lessons with specialist teachers continued with weekly live and offline lesson options and our librarian visited classes for read-alouds and workshops as needed!

Grades 3 to 6 Expectations


Teachers used school workbooks and Seesaw to share daily announcements and activities (posted by 9:00 am each day), where they also shared important dates, schedules and information with parents and students and provided timely feedback. Teachers gave live lessons to strengthen understanding and updated the school curriculum calendars. They were readily available for support via phone calls and one-on-one student support, replied to parents’ concerns and CC Lead Teachers within 24-hours, offered schedule flexibility to students and families and checked in with families of absent students to ensure their wellbeing.

Teachers used Maplewood for attendance, kept anecdotal notes for participation and work completed, administered the Term 3 DRA and OWA, used diverse, fun resources such as Epic, Raz-Kids, Quizizz, Prodigy, YouTube/Khan Academy videos and more.


Grade 3 to 6 students were expected to attend synchronous sessions, find an appropriate workplace at home to complete work assigned on Seesaw to the best of their ability with academic honesty, check Seesaw for updates, participate in class discussions, follow and comply with SJA Code of Conduct and Online Consent and partake in exciting school events such as daily challenges and after school activities.


For parents of students in Grades 3 to 6, our Continuous Learning Plan expected parents to ensure the student is signed up on resources like RAZ Kids, Epic and Prodigy and to contact appropriate teachers to give or receive additional feedback or ask any questions and address concerns. When able, parents assisted the student with online tools, provided a comfortable, conducive workspace and device for learning, practiced a daily schedule, encouraged their child’s participation in class and extracurriculars and reminded them to take healthy breaks! In addition, parents captured this exceptional continuous learning experience in photos and videos of their child completing daily work and challenges and participating in extracurricular activities!