Overview of Grades 7 to 8 Continuous Academics

Learning and skill development in all subject areas continued through delivery of curriculum, lessons and opportunities! Synchronous (live) daily Zoom lessons took place as per the regular six-day cycle during regular school hours, allowing for connections with peers and teachers face-to-face, in addition to Discord lessons, which allow for more discussion. Curriculum, lessons, Zoom recordings, tasks, projects, grades, feedback, calendars and messages were shared through ManageBac and Discord. Guidance and learning support was ongoing through live online classes and other means, and library support was available through research and citation workshops or as needed by appointment with our librarian (Ms. Hayward). Students have access to databases like Global Issues in Context, Gale Canada in Context and Academic OneFile.

Exams for students in Grades 7 to 8 were canceled and replaced with culminating tasks during the last weeks of school. Assessments were ongoing in the form of conversations, formative tasks  such as online quizzes/tests, assignments, independent studies and culminating tasks.

Grades 7 to 8 Expectations


Teachers used Zoom and Discord for daily lessons (and Zoom at least once for each class weekly), posted daily learning activities by 8:15 am every morning and posted grades and feedback on ManageBac. Teachers paced curriculum realistically to accommodate unseen challenges, made learning interactive, interesting and hands-on, found ways to assess students differently than traditional assessments, gave timely feedback to students and were accessible for communication with parents and students.


Students were expected to attend the morning assembly at 8:45 am daily for updates about SJA’s ever-adapting, exciting school culture, attend classes and follow the daily schedule, notify teachers of technical difficulties or reasons for absence, complete assignments on time and seek help from teachers whenever necessary.


Parents encouraged students to attend classes regularly, helped them with any technical issues and connected with their child’s homeroom teacher for any questions or concerns.