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The following links are educational and exercisable resources for the wellness of families:

CDC Share the Facts, Stop Fear

Unicef – Coronavirus: What Parents Should Know

Peel Public Health -COVID-19 Prevention

Public Health Ontario

How to Talk to Your Anxious Child

Understanding the Mental Health Impact

Care for the Caregivers

Action for Happiness

Guided Meditation from HeadSpace

CBC – How to Access Free Mental Health and Emotional Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

10 Keys to Happier Living


Yoga for Parents & Faculty at 5:00 – 6:00 pm Every FRIDAY!
A specialized class for adults focused on their nervous system that is used in a clinical setting, this class is a blend of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and resilience-based techniques from the Institute of HeartMath and Yin Yoga. It is accessible to all, no matter ability or flexibility, and open to all SJA parents and staff.
Instruction by: Blossom Yoga

For Zoom access code, please contact

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