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Approaches to education vary when looking at the provincial public or private system. The differences aren’t monolithic. Approaches can change even between similar schools in the same area. St. Jude’s Academy is consistently ranked one of the best high schools in Mississauga Ontario. Our International Baccalaureate programs teach students the fundamentals of how to learn before preparing them for college with a skill set and mindset to succeed.

Are IB Schools the Best Middle Schools in Mississauga?

The middle years are a critical transitionary period as students consolidate early learning and prepare for high school and beyond. The best middle schools in Mississauga consolidate and expand knowledge and concepts. St. Jude’s Academy is rated one of the best middle schools in Mississauga by families and private publications.

Our Middle Years Programme (MYP) covers interdisciplinary learning where students obtain a balanced, holistic education. Core subjects and the arts and extracurricular activities are brought into a global context. Students develop world views and understand complex issues with nuance and compassion.

Assessment is criterion-referenced. Individual achievement is recognized at the best middle schools in Mississauga. Under the IB approach at St. Jude’s Academy, students are evaluated against criteria rather than against their peers. This ensures that students are fairly evaluated without bias. Their strengths are allowed to shine, and all students are offered support to develop competency and understanding in areas where they can improve.

Students complete personal projects to demonstrate knowledge. As one of the best middle schools in Mississauga, we are interested in how students can apply their knowledge, rather than recite and memorize from standardized textbooks.

The engaged and committed faculty provides all of the necessary support to help students succeed. We are one of the best middle schools in Mississauga that will ensure your child is prepared for high school and college.

Top High Schools in Mississauga for The International Baccalaureate

St. Jude’s Academy covers all grades, setting it apart from many of the top high schools in Mississauga. Consistency in education pays dividends. Our students learn in a community-focused environment where consistency allows a logical progression through the IB structure. From JK to Grade 12, learning concepts and skills are reinforced and expanded. There is far less disruption compared to students who transfer through primary and middle schools before attending one of the top high schools in Mississauga.

  • The International Baccalaureate approach instills the confidence and ability to learn. Students don’t simply recite information from memory. They understand concepts, learn to think critically and understand their place in the world. The top high schools in Mississaugaproduce well-rounded and capable individuals with educational discipline.
  • Our Diploma Programme (DP) is the ideal preparatory program for university and beyond. Students study Higher Level and Standard Level subjects in Grades 11 and 12 to earn credits and their diplomas. The rigorous structure prepares students for the intensity of tertiary education.
  • Our sense of community means students always have support from faculty, their peers, families, and our School House system. Good-natured competition in the School House system promotes collaboration and problem-solving.

The top high schools in Mississauga can empower your child or children to succeed in whatever path they follow. You can schedule a private tour at St. Jude’s Academy today.

St. Jude’s Academy is Consistently Ranked Among the Best High Schools in Mississauga Ontario

The faculty and students at St. Jude’s Academy are proud of our achievements since the school’s founding in 2006. In our relatively short history, we’ve consistently ranked among the best high schools in Mississauga Ontario.

We have achieved this by staying true to our mission and vision. As one of the best high schools in Mississauga, Ontario, we believe it’s important to empower students to be inquisitive with creative minds and strong moral character. We nurture well-rounded and confident world citizens who are aware of the challenges and complexities of a modern society. Through rigorous training, our students learn to overcome challenges with effective solutions. A sense of community and active engagement helps our students to adapt. We are agile together and individually.

The top high schools in Mississauga all offer something unique, and each has value. As a parent, you can evaluate your choices to find one that suits your values. As an International Baccalaureate school, we firmly believe that our students enjoy a competitive advantage academically. Our Diploma Programme graduates have achieved a 100% first-choice university acceptance rate.

Visit St. Jude’s Academy and See What the Best High Schools in Mississauga are Supposed to Be

We invite parents and prospective students to tour our facilities and meet our faculty. We schedule private tours and arrange periodic Open House events to engage with the community. You have the opportunity to choose one of the best high schools in Mississauga Ontario, or you can think ahead with classes starting from Junior Kindergarten. We are here to educate well-rounded individuals and can help you to ensure that your child becomes unstoppable!