International Students

St. Jude’s Academy has been approved as a Designated Learning Institution BSID # 883829 for following approved COVID-19 protocols.

St. Jude’s Academy believes in an international-minded approach to life and learning. Our students are taught subjects in the context of a global world, which fosters a sense of intercultural understanding as students become more knowledgable and open-minded about cultures and ideas different from their own.

Very little can make an individual more globally focussed than traveling the globe.  While St. Jude’s Academy accomplishes this directly through annual international trips, this also happens by bringing the world to St. Jude’s Academy.  Our international students are integral to student life, as they bring everyday celebrations of multiculturalism to our school.  With a rapidly growing number of students coming from other countries around the world, St. Jude’s Academy celebrates the world’s diversity by welcoming the cultures and customs of international students with open arms. 

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