Posted by Cary on Feb 6, 2017 3:23:35 PM
Private schools in Brampton

Private Schools in Brampton and Beyond – The Realities of Financing

Statistics Canada famously reported that the gross annual income of families that send their children to private education tends to be 25% higher than those who send their children to public school. Financing a private school education is not easy. With the cost of private school in mind, some parents may be wondering if the cost of the best private school in Brampton is worth the schooling that their children are getting.

Class Sizes

A key reason why many parents choose private schooling over public schooling, even with the extra costs, is the smaller class sizes the private schools can guarantee.

While public education systems can certainly provide parents with good programs, many if not most public schools still have to deal with the perils of large class sizes. Sending your child to private school may be a notable expenditure, but families that value smaller class sizes can rest assured that their children will be receiving the one-on-one education that they desire. Smaller class sizes will also allow a child to truly get the most out of any enrichment program that they are enrolled in.

Enriched Education:

In addition to having smaller class sizes, having enrichment programs built into their curriculums is important. Sometimes, this means that a school simply asks students to perform at a higher level per grade than other students in the province. Other times, it means that students are offered an alternative pedagogical method with their classes, such as those in the International Baccalaureate program. Combined with smaller class sizes, a child’s education becomes intensified in this environment.

An Environment of Comradeship:

Private schools may also help facilitate an environment of closeness and friendship between other like-minded students. The smaller environment, in combination with the exclusivity of the school’s selection system, may help bring together the best and brightest of an area. Together, they may help each other thrive and support one another, both academically and personally.

For parents that cannot afford a Brampton private school

If you are a parent who knows that you cannot afford to send their child to a private schooling institution, who also values great education, make sure that your child is enrolled in a public school that also has an enrichment program.