Posted by Cary on Jul 17, 2017 9:18:01 AM
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10 Reasons Why Learning English in Canada is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

When searching for the best private schools in Canada, you may want to consider one that includes English as a second language, if English is not your mother tongue. If you’ve never thought about learning English or brushing up on your English skills, here’s a list on how English can help your child.

1. Travel is easier

English is one of the most widely used and recognized languages in the world; learning it can mean easier travel and the ability to communicate with guides, hotel staff, and future friends.

2. English is difficult to learn on your own

English is a difficult language to just “pick up.” Homonyms confuse even native speakers, and slight variations in spelling can change a word’s entire meaning. Being instructed by the best private schools will help your children learn these details that you might otherwise miss.

3. Being bilingual can increase job prospects

When you learn English from the best private schools in Toronto, this can increase your job prospects. Most companies do not buy, sell, or otherwise deal with countries that use English as their primary language, so learning the language can make you a valuable employee.

4. Electronic communication

The majority of electronic communication available today, including websites and apps for smart phones, are in English. Learning this can then make your children more tech-savvy, which can assist studies when on the job and in everyday life.

5. Other media

Many films and other such media are available in English alone. Enjoying this media isn’t just for entertainment, but many such shows depict important events in history or make social statements that can be lost by those who don’t speak English.

6. Enhance other languages

When you learn a foreign language, this can enhance your appreciation of your own language and its everyday use, including the various meanings of words and phrases.

7. Self-confidence

Learning any second language will enhance your children’s self-confidence. Being able to carry conversation or ask questions when new to Canada will make you comfortable when in unknown places or outside your comfort zone.

8. Exams

Many universities use a knowledge of English as part of their exams and require essays to be prepared in English. To ensure your children have the most opportunities for future education, choose English coursework from the best private schools in Toronto.

9. Speaking to others in English

Being unequipped in English makes it difficult to communicate with teachers, friends, and others who speak it as their native language. For very effective communication when in university, on the job, or elsewhere, it’s good for your children to go through a program of structured learning.

10. Fulfilling educational requirements

Most education programs in Canada will have a form of English legibility test to ensure their members are meeting the standard. Since English is so widely used and can benefit a student in so many ways, why not make it part of your choice when enrolling your child in Canada?

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