Posted by Cary on Jun 29, 2017 5:34:17 AM
Summer Camp

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Come to St. Jude’s Kids Summer Camp

At St. Jude’s Academy, we pride ourselves on offering our students a wide range of excellent programs, and our kids’ summer camp is one of the best that we have to offer. Summer camps are a great opportunity for children to explore, learn about themselves, for friendships, or just have fun. Our camps are noteworthy for many reasons which appeal to both children and their parents. Anyone who is considering summer camp for their child should consider these top 5 reasons for why attending our camp is an ideal choice:


  1. They’ll never get bored – Children don’t need to go away to overnight summer camps to enjoy a full range of activities. From music and art to sports to science, kids who choose our summer camp have a full schedule of enriching activities, with plenty of variety each day. Weekly themes make each session of camp even more enjoyable, and promote team spirit and camaraderie amongst campers.
  2. Learning through play – One of the main benefits of summer camp is the opportunity for children to learn through social interaction, self-discovery, practical problem-solving, and stimulating play. Even without a dedicated academic component, children at St. Jude’s Academy camps learn through cooking, interactive science experiments, fine arts activities, scavenger hunts, and structured games. We treat each activity as an opportunity to learn while having fun.
  3. We organize the highest quality programs – We provide the highest standard of excellence to our summer camp. We hold the finest educators and staff to facilitate our camps. More importantly, our small groups have a low child-to-leader ratio, indicating that your child receives the personal attention they require throughout the duration of the camp. Both parents and kids will find that the quality of the daily activities and curriculum is exceptional. When parents enrol their children in cheap summer camps, they may be more budget-friendly however will not ensure kids the same caliber of experience as a private school-based summer camp.
  4. We foster a positive environment – For kids, summer camp is all about having a great time with friends while learning new things. One of our most important areas of focus is creating a positive and safe atmosphere where kids can be themselves and express their unique ideas. Inclusivity is a central tenant of our program where we encourage children to value diversity and practice acceptance of others so that all kids in our camp can feel included, develop their self-esteem, and connect with others.
  5. It’s a fun summer experience – While parents have a keen interest in finding the best quality and most well-rounded camp for their children to attend, kids have one priority: to enjoy themselves. We take their wishes seriously and work hard to create activities, games, outings, and an overall experience which allows kids to be kids, and enjoy their summer holidays to the fullest.

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