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IB Course

In our previous blog, we talked about IB course syllabus overview and benefits of IB Schools in Mississauga and Brampton. In this article, we expand on IB Math.

What does IB Math Stand For?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It’s curriculum is composed of six groups of subjects, Math being the fifth. It, in its turn, consists of four different math courses, as follows:

  1. Mathematical Studies Standard Level
  2. Mathematics Standard Level, and
  3. Mathematics Higher Level
  4. Further Mathematics Higher Level

In order for a student to earn his or her IB diploma, one of the first three math courses must be successfully completed, the fourth being an advanced level and not listed as a requirement. Now let’s go over the different courses in some more detail.

Mathematical Studies Standard Level

This math course grants sufficient understanding of maths, and is meant for students whose future university studies are not likely to require mathematical knowledge on a significant level. It is meant to encourage an appreciation of mathematics and build sufficient confidence for dealing with math on a decent level, covering subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Financial Mathematics.

Mathematics Standard Level

This program is intended for students planning to apply for programs such as economics, business, chemistry, biology etc. It covers all the subjects from the Mathematical Studies Standard Level, such as Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics and Financial Math, on a higher level, with the addition of a few more topics that are not included in the first level of IB Math.

Mathematics Higher Level

This level of Math is meant for students preparing for university studies in physics, engineering, and other fields that require an acute and profound understanding of mathematics. In order to take Mathematics Higher Level, a student should already have a solid range of analytical and technical skills as well as a good mathematical background. Completing this course requires a minimum of 190 instructional hours, as well as 40 extra instructional hours dedicated to a topic chosen from the “options” elective list. You can expect all IB schools in Mississauga and Brampton to offer the same list of optional topics.

Further Mathematics Higher Level

This course is specifically designed for students with an acute interest for, and proven competence in the field of mathematics. It is meant to prepare students who are on their way to study math in university. This is an additional course, and most students who take it, also take Mathematics Higher Level as the necessary foundation on which to build on.

Choosing the Best IB Math School

This being a standard International program, the courses, topics and curriculums are also standard, but as you will find out, the level of instruction may differ significantly. The quality of teaching, teaching tools and materials, and other school-specific factors will make the difference between a mediocre result and superb achievement.

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