Posted by Cary on Mar 10, 2017 11:31:57 AM
IB Graduate

When looking for the most fitting school for your child, you will find that IB schools in Mississauga offer a comprehensive course of learning that is meant to expose a child to a globalized learning, with an exposure to a worldwide culture and a programme of ethics, as well as standard book learning. This type of curriculum is a bit different than most schools you will find in Canada and elsewhere, but the IB course of learning offers many advantages for students. If you’re considering an International Baccalaureate school in Canada but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for your child, note a few factors to consider as to why this programme may be the most beneficial for any student.

Practical application

One thing you will notice about all the programmes offered by IB schools in Mississauga is that they advise students to consider a practical application of the materials and information they’re learning. This can mean applying their math skills to real world math problems, or applying the information they’re learning in history to today’s culture and current events. Without being able to apply your learning to something practical, a student will just memorize information that means little to them and which has no contribution to success later in life.

Ethical learning

Along with learning facts and figures and historical data, students attending any IB school in Brampton or elsewhere will also learn ethics, and applied ethical learning. This will mean encouraging them to think of the best application of the information they’re learning, to consider how their own behaviour fits in with society around them; again, this goes beyond simply memorizing facts and data. While a child’s behaviour is not necessarily molded by IB primary schools in Mississauga or any other such school that participates in this programme, they are encouraged to consider their own ethics and to develop them as part of their learning.

Learner as a whole

IB schools in Mississauga offer a course of learning that focuses on the child as a whole, teaching them respect for themselves and their efforts. This is important when a child is younger, as they may struggle to learn self-respect as they get older and their habits become ingrained. By teaching a child in an IB school in Mississauga to respect their own learning and efforts, they can take this self-respect with them to their chosen career and typically have more success, as they will have the respect for themselves, others and their work.

Applying it to careers, and later life

When considering any IB school in Brampton or nearby area, you want to think about more than just a child’s career. The self-respect they learn in the IB course, as well as respect for others and their cultures, and the broader worldview they develop, can help them to have a more well-developed and well-rounded life. This can mean better relationships with others, more patience with themselves and others, and more emotional maturity as well as career skills. All of this together means that those who attend IB schools in Mississauga will typically be more successful, no matter their measure of success.