Posted by Cary on Nov 12, 2016 11:42:08 AM
IB Graduate

Oh, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Graduates often fondly (and stressfully) remember all of the time and energy they had to exude to meet all of their IB diploma requirements. Who can forget all the CAS hours, right? For those of you who don’t know what an IB class is, it is an enriched curriculum that prepares students for university studies. To those of you who’ve had the pleasure of making your way through this demanding but fulfilling program, here are some facts that you may find interesting.

International Baccalaureate schools are all over the world

To date, over 1.2 million students worldwide have graduated from the Diploma Programme. IB students come from a diverse range of backgrounds, nationalities, and realities, with over 140 countries represented in its graduates.

The International Baccalaureate Program has an alumni network and social network

If you’re an IB graduate, you can keep up with other graduates of the diploma program through the IBDP’s official alumni network! To reach the alumni network, click onto the IB organization’s official website, and find their alumni page. Once you’ve joined, you will receive a quarterly newsletter as an alumnus, and more importantly, you will be on your way to connecting with fellow alumni from all over the globe.

Are you an IB student who hasn’t graduated, who is also interested in connecting with IBDP candidates from other schools?  Not to worry, there is a social network for current IB students called Stellup. Stellup was created by graduates of the IB program. It allows current students to connect with one another and keep in close contact. Entrance into the social network is by invitation so that you can rest assured in the system’s safety. Happy connecting!

You can now officially add your International Baccalaureate Diploma to your LinkedIn account

Good news for the technologically inclined international baccalaureate student! If you’re a new graduate looking for professional experiences in between your university courses, or if you’re a current IB student applying for a summer job, you can now add your IB credentials to your LinkedIn account.  Simply begin typing your diploma program into your LinkedIn’s education section, and an official add-on should be made available.

International Baccalaureate schools and education

Are you/ anyone you know an educator, who is passionate about expanding and adding to the IB program? If you are a graduate of the IBDP with a career in education, the IB school’s international conferences on education may be something worth looking into. Every year, the IB organization gathers educators and classroom leaders to discuss and exchange valuable ideas on international education. This year, two global conferences are taking place in Yokohama, Japan and Orlando, Florida. Pretty neat!

If attending an international conference is impossible to fit into your schedule, adding yourself to the International Baccalaureate educators network may be an easier way to connect with other enthusiastic IB teachers.

Did you know…?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In 1991, he graduated from the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal, Quebec, with an IB diploma. Imagine him working on his extended essay and volunteering to complete his CAS hours!