Posted by Cary on Dec 5, 2016 11:03:25 AM
Private Schools in Mississauga

Whether you are applying for an older child or are considering placing a young student into a private education within Mississauga area, searching for the right institution can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Sometimes, simply choosing which schools to send queries to can be stressful. Here’s some information to keep in mind, as you and your child begin your application process.

The most basic misunderstanding parents have about getting their children into private school is that lots of applications need to be sent out in order to receive an acceptance. However, education consultant Judy Winberg of Options Education notes that “applying to too many schools can get stressful,” for both parents and children. Creating an excessive list of applications to complete creates an avoidable stressor on children. Moreover, given the fact that typical private schools in Mississaugarequires an application fee, the financial strain of private school applications can create an extra burden on parents.

As a result, most education experts suggest only applying to two to five private schools that rank high on your preference list. Focusing you and your child’s energy into a small number of prospects, rather than casting a wide net ensures that quality can be inputted in a few competitive schools’ applications. As a result, an application shprivate school in mississaugaould ideally only be sent out to a Mississauga private school, if the institution matches your family’s needs. Winberg also notes that more than one application certainly should be sent out, as it is unfortunate if a child is denied admission to private education altogether because of a single rejection.

In order to avoid over-applying, parents and children should visit prospective private schools a year in advance of their applications. This way, a large list of potential private schools can be narrowed down into a smaller pool. During a visit, notes should be taken on a school’s social environment, its curriculum, and teaching methodologies. Many Mississauga private schools also offer open house dates that can be taken advantage of. Speaking to current students about their experiences is a great way to gain information about a prospective school’s atmosphere. It is also helpful to speak to current teachers in order to gain a realistic, honest sense of which schools are best-suited for your child. Education should ideally be chosen to fit a child’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you have a younger child that you are considering putting into private education, consider arranging a pre-application “trial date” at prospective institutions.  Mississauga private high schools typically don’t offer an in-class trial, but allowing a young child to spend a day interacting with potential classmates and teachers can help in your decision-making process.

With a bit of deliberate searching, a few conversations and visits, the private school application process can be made more manageable.