Posted by Cary on Jun 6, 2017 10:19:35 AM
Private Schools in Mississauga

Before Applying

Before choosing a school, it is essential to investigate the available options. A web search will help you acquaint yourself with the best private schools in Mississauga. It is imperative to develop a sense of shared educational philosophy with your school of interest. When looking to apply to a private school in Mississauga, note that most institutions in the area have a school website that can provide you with a decent starting impression. This step should be completed early, ideally a year in advance of school applications.

School Visits

Once you’ve explored your options, visit the schools that seem compatible with your child. This will help you narrow your choices. Taking advantage of a school’s open house is a great way to determine a suitable setting.

The Application Process

After visiting and shortlisting the schools, the application process can begin. The application for most Mississauga private schools typically consists of a written request describing your child’s personality, their academic history (for older students), your financial situation, and your family history, followed by an in-person interview, and an entrance exam (for older students).

In order to establish a successful fit between the school and the potential candidates, it is highly recommended by the admission advisors to practise transparency while filling out the applications. This includes any information about learning disabilities, behavioural issues, and performance at the previous schools if applicable. The best private school in Mississauga offers accommodation for a wide variety of learning styles. Once a school fully understands your child’s learning needs, it is better equipped to provide the tools necessary for his or her education.

The Interview

Private schools require some time to get to know the prospective students during the application process through a brief meeting. This meeting could take a form of a formal interview or be something less official, depending on the school and the age of the prospective student(s).

Younger students are often asked to interact either with a teacher or with other children in a group setting. Through these interactions, traits like intellectual curiosity and love for learning are looked for. Older students might simply be asked a series of questions about their learning style and their approach to problem solving.

Calling into a school, to request the kinds of questions asked in an entrance interview, is another way to get prepared. It is recommended to rehearse an interview.

Standardized Tests

Most private schools in Mississauga use previous report cards to finalize their decisions on their incoming students. However, depending on the school and your child’s age, private schools may also use in-house examinations to determine where each student’s academic standing compared to their peers.

To prepare a student for their exam, familiarizing them with the exam format. A common entrance exam used for acceptance into private schools; the SSAT- or Secondary School Admission Test – has its preparation materials available online. Searching for online study materials before a test date may help with a student’s performance.

After the Application

After the application process is complete, it is common for most students to receive both acceptances and rejections from prospective schools. It is important to not take the rejections personally as some schools are simply designated for certain learners. In the event of multiple acceptances, make sure to finalize a school by the registration deadline and submit all compulsory entrance fees and acceptance notices on-time.