Posted by Cary on May 29, 2017 9:36:45 AM
Private Schools

Is your child attending one of the best schools in Mississauga? Here is a short article to help you determine where your school ranks.

Private education institutions with accelerated education allow a bright student to get the stimulation they need in a classroom. These programs tend to provide students with course material that is higher than grade level, or more focused on specific topics that are diluted in mainstream academics. To compare the different accelerated programs in private elementary and high schools in Mississauga Ontario, try visiting each school’s website. There, an overview of their pedagogical methods should be available. offers comprehensive list of what they consider to be some of the top private education institutions for Mississauga.

This list shows a break down a school’s academic teaching style (gifted, IB, etc.) but also highlight each school’s subject focuses, their class sizes, and their accommodations for children with special education needs. Reviewing this list and each school’s website to will be a helpful exercise when trying to determine the best school for your family.

Before enrolling, speak to parents and current students about their experiences.

Who better to ask about elementary and high schools in Mississauga Ontario the students who attend them! Interviewing parents and students about their experiences at different institutions can enlighten you about a school’s atmosphere, its educational ethos, and the kinds of extracurricular offered to its student body. A great way for families to meet current students is to attend any visiting days that prospective schools offer. Reaching out to friends and family members, with children currently attending specific schools, is another great way to get a feel for a school. At some private schools in Mississauga, younger children are able to sit in on a class for a day, to get a sense of the school’s atmosphere.

The best private schools in Mississauga are ultimately the ones that best fits your child.

When attempting to find the right school for your child, it is important to also consider which one would be the “best fit” for your child. Every child is different, and each requires different modes of education in order to thrive at school. As parents, it is important to always attempt to find a school that builds around child’s specific strengths, while also building up their weaknesses.