Posted by Cary on Jun 28, 2017 6:49:15 AM
Summer Camp

Multiculturalism at St Jude’s Academy (ESL School Camps)

Children enjoy learning whenever there is an opportunity to have fun. With this simple belief in mind, we designed St. Jude’s Academy’s ESL Academic Camp for intercultural children to help improve their English language skills in an engaging and positive way. Camps like ours, with a specific focus in mind, are often a much better fit for children with unique learning goals, rather than public camps which are more generic in nature. A private ESL school-based camp gives children an opportunity to learn in an environment which provides high-quality education, and and enriching extracurricular programs. There are many reasons why an ESL Academic Camp may be right for your adolescent or teen child, and the top reasons why parents favour this type of camp are:

  • Children develop and solidify their English language skills. While most local summer camps are focused solely on children’s entertainment, our program is designed to use a multicultural student’s existing English language base and further build upon it. Unlike a traditional summer camp, our ESL focus enriches standard camp activities that children love by taking a play-based learning approach which covers the same lessons as a regular English language course. Whether a child is working towards an ESL certification or simply wants to see an improvement in their English language skills, an academic camp is an excellent way to see their language skills develop.
  • We embrace diversity and teach inclusivity. Jude’s Academy is a social sphere for students of all ethnicities to learn together within a promising environment, and our ESL Academic Camp encompasses the same spirit of diversity. We celebrate multiculturalism, and open our doors to students from any background to participate in our summer camp.
  • We focus on comprehensive learning through multi-disciplinary activities. There are many ways to educate children, and they prefer to retain information in a multitude of ways, whether its through art, athletics, music, and outdoor exploration, just a few of the many activities our students participate in. Our ESL Academic Camp employs a range of strategies that incorporate all student learning styles. To achieve this, we continuously emphasize reading, written communication, speaking, and on listening to and interpreting multimedia sources.
  • Our camps are entertaining for children. One of the most effective learning methods for children is play-based education where they retain the material easily but unknowingly. Many ESL programs in elementary schools take a more serious approach to teaching English to their students, whereas we value breaking beyond the classroom and encouraging students to play and learn simultaneously through creativity and exploration.

St. Jude’s Academy (JK-Grade 12) is the leading private university preparatory and IB School (PYP, MYP, DP) in Mississauga. Our faculty are world leaders in IB education, providing fundamental skills. Phys. Ed, Arts, and language specialists nurture the whole student which ensures 100% of our graduates are accepted into their chosen university. Supported by faculty and parents, our students are inspired to confidently make their mark in the world.