Posted by Cary on Jan 13, 2017 3:27:46 PM
Private schools in Brampton

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief; there is truthfully no “better” or “worse” decision between acquiring education at a private or a public institute. Every school and family are different, and parents can choose to send their children to either a system of education for a variety of reasons. Some children simply thrive better in a more specialized environment, while others need more space to grow in order to pick a direction in life. Here is a brief list of the pros and cons of each mode of education in the Mississauga area, in order to help your family thoroughly decide which is the best fit for your child.

Private Schools

Pro: Private High Schools in Mississauga tend to be more specialized

Private high schools in Mississauga, Ontario, take on a variety of forms. Generally speaking, private education in Mississauga allows a student to spend their time focusing on a particular style of education or a subject area. Some high schools are made private because of a religious affiliation built into their curriculum (such as in Catholic schools). Other high schools are made private because of their particular focus on a subject or group of subjects, such as; arts, sports, or STEM. Some private high schools place a focus on an advanced curriculum that is geared towards university education, such as the international baccalaureate program. There are also private high schools made with curricula geared towards students with special needs.  If a more focused mode of learning is how your son or daughter gets the most out of their education, then private schooling may be the right fit for your family.

Con: Can a Child have flexible education at a Subject Focused Private School?

A commonly noted downside to private education is the lack of flexibility that can be found in a private curriculum that is subject focused. For example, students attending a school that only offers arts or sciences may find themselves missing opportunities to explore electives in different areas of study. Ultimately, a child’s preferred mode of learning is the most important aspect to consider when choosing between the best schools in Mississauga for your family. Before submitting your child into a private education system, make sure that they thrive under the pedagogical methods that are offer at said school.

Public Schools

Pro: Public Schools have a more Generalized Curriculum than Private Schools in Mississauga

Public schools follow a broader curriculum based on an education system that was designed decades ago. If your child is attending a public high school in Mississauga, Ontario, they will be able to dip their hands into a variety of subjects, at varying degrees of difficulty. For particularly bright students who attend public school education, advanced classes are available. Public high schools in Mississauga generally split their curricula into academic classes (theoretical, knowledge-based curriculum) or applied classes (curriculum offering hands-on experience). Additionally, some public schools also offer Advanced Placement classes offering college-level curricula and examinations to high-school students.

Con: What if my child loves and excels in a particular subject?

Nevertheless, while some specialization and advancement is available in public school system, students eager to go into a particular subject field may benefit greatly from privatized education. If your child thrives on the generic fields restricted to arts and/or sciences, placing them into private education may be a great fit for them.

When choosing between schools in the Mississauga area, remember to always keep in mind

  • The learning style of your child as it would stay with him/her for a lifetime
  • A common Educational Philosophy with the institute to procure an optimistic academic experience.

That way, institution and pupil can fit together seamlessly in the pursuit of knowledge.