Posted by Cary on Jul 19, 2017 9:56:18 AM
Summer Camp

Summer Education Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: Come to a Fun Camp for Kids

If the idea of summer school makes your kids groan in protest, you are not alone. Sitting in a classroom and pouring over textbooks sounds like a terrible way to spend a summer vacation, and at St. Jude’s Academy we couldn’t agree more! Our summer camp for kids is the perfect way to combine learning and education with the fun that kids really long for. Our mission is to educate children through fun and inspiring activities which will fill their summer days with laughter and excitement while exposing them to a variety of disciplines. Both kids and their parents love our school holiday camp for our activities and these are some of the most popular areas that we focus on:

  • Sports – One part of a complete educational experience includes physical fitness. When children incorporate physical movement into their daily routine, it allows them to burn off excess energy, calm anxiety, and allows them to focus when it’s time to work on quieter activities later on during the day. We weave physical activity throughout the day during our school holiday program so that kids have plenty of opportunity to exert themselves and have some fun. A few ways we get kids moving include structured games, play time in our well-equipped private school gym and sport court, and participating in water activities. Children of all abilities are encouraged to play together and enjoy both team and individual physical activities.
  • Art & music – Kids who attend our school holiday camp are encouraged to express their individuality through the arts, including music, arts and crafts, and exploration of various artistic mediums such as clay and paint. We keep children’s interest levels up by introducing new and exciting ways of being creative like making their own fizzy art with baking soda paint, or creating sidewalk murals with chalk. Musical activities include singing, dance, and experimentation with instruments.
  • Science – Our school holiday program does not fall short on education and learning, and one of the most popular ways that we achieve this is through our science-related activities. Kids of all ages love taking part in hands-on experiments which focus on discovery and the teaching of science concepts that they can further build on during the school year.
  • Social development – In addition to the core educational areas that we teach in our camps, we also focus on the development of soft skills. Developing social awareness is a key part of our programme where kids are encouraged to respect others, embrace diversity, accept others who are different, work in teams, and form new friendships.

Days spent at a St. Jude’s Academy summer camp are guaranteed to be fun and fulfilling for each of our participants as they take part in our wide range of sports, games, and creative pursuits. Parents love watching their kids learn and grow over the summer, and kids love the fun-filled activities that make their time at our camps exciting and adventurous.

St. Jude’s Academy (JK-Grade 12) is the leading private university preparatory and IB School (PYP, MYP, DP) in Mississauga. Our faculty are world leaders in IB education, providing fundamental skills. Phys. Ed, Arts, and language specialists nurture the whole student which ensures 100% of our graduates are accepted into their chosen university. Supported by faculty and parents, our students are inspired to confidently make their mark in the world.