Posted by Cary on Dec 20, 2016 3:39:46 PM
Private schools in Brampton

Though the admissions process for private education in Canada varies from school to school, some common factors and trends have emerged across the country. Here are some things to keep in mind as you apply to private schools in Brampton area, to give your child a heads-up on the application process.


The application procedure for the private schools nowadays is becoming similar to university admissions process. Applications can include essays, exams, interviews as well as copies of transcripts and academic references. Candidates must also meet stringent deadlines. Because this manner of evaluation can be very consuming, it is essential for the adults to maintain a to-do list of assignments to be completed by their child, along with a timeline of significant dates.


For more competitive private schools in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto have about three to five students competing per spot. In addition to highlighting your child’s overall academic achievements, it is imperative to think strategically about the qualities your child possesses that will help them stand out amongst other applicants. Does your child have any talents to offer, such as a musical skill or an athletic ability? How can those talents be articulated in an application to emphasize their passion for education and curiosity for learning?

Determining a match

Private schools do not simply look for students with sparkling resumes. They also look for students that match with their mission statements, educational methodology, and individual programs. While listing off every achievement that your child has ever completed can certainly grab the attention of an admissions committee, crafting an application with a compelling case for your child’s cohesion with the prospective school can also be as convincing. Consider looking into a school’s motto and mission statement, to get a sense of personality traits and skills to emphasize when creating your admissions package.

The Parents

For younger students entering private schools, parents may also be interviewed alongside children. Due of the crucial role parents play in their children’s education at younger ages, schools may inquire parents about their educational philosophies, to make sure that a child’s learning at home and at school are cohesive. There usually isn’t much preparation required for these parent-teacher interviews; researching the prospective institution should be sufficient.

While every school has its own standards for competitiveness, keeping these points in mind can help your child in their journey towards gaining admittance into private education. With a bit of planning and research, both institution and student can develop a harmonious academic relationship.