Posted by Cary on Jun 27, 2017 6:29:59 AM
Summer Camp

There’s nothing quite like kids’ summer camp, with memories that can potentially last a lifetime. Summer camp is a place where kids are guaranteed to have a great time, whether its forming new friendships, or participating in a variety of leadership activities. At St. Jude’s, our camps go beyond the standard summer programs, gearing student towards an amusing educational and social experience.

Our summer camps provide all the benefits of a standard private school education offers, which many parents favour for their children as they provide the things that public schools simply cannot offer. Some of the top differences in St. Jude’s summer camps for children include the following:

  • Each child receives personal attention. Like public school, many summer camps are made up of a large number of children who are divided into only a few groups, leaving only one or two camp leaders for many participants. Smaller groups mean that each child receives one-on-one attention, rather than getting lost in the crowd. Giving children the individual attention they deserve creates a more positive and meaningful experience for them.
  • A wide variety of activities gives children the most enriching experience possible. Private school-based summer programs offer activities for camp participants that span all areas of learning. Our camps foster continual learning through a broad range of activities including arts, sports, science, cooking, music, and outdoor exploration. Many local summer camps contain limited resources, and are unable to give participants the scope of activities that private-school based camps can.
  • Friendships develop through positive interaction. We believe that when children are given a positive atmosphere where they can interact and connect with others through leisure-filled purposes, they learn important social skills such as effective communication skills and the importance of inclusivity. Our summer camps for children encourage participants to grow their social circle, and share their experience with peers in a safe and accepting group.
  • We encourage learning beyond the classroom for greater personal growth. Our summer camp’s primary focus is on children having fun while learning through observation and hands-on participation in meaningful and diverse ways. Children are encouraged to use creativity to learn new skills, make observations of the world around them, and explore their surroundings through our educational, yet entertaining program. We combine the child’s desire to have fun, with building knowledge and expanding the depth of their experiences.

Unlike most local summer camps, expertly designed and facilitated St. Jude’s Academy Summer Camps provide children with the most enriching and enjoyable experiences they can have. Our camps leave children with memories of adventure, improved confidence, and fun new skills they can incorporate into their everyday lives as they grow and develop.