Posted by Cary on May 31, 2017 9:28:59 AM
Private Schools

When comparing private school vs public school for your children’s education, one must take into account a wide variety of factors. What will increase my child’s likelihood of achieving academic success, and is private school the best path to take? Continue reading to identify a few key factors that set private schools apart from public schools, and make them the ideal choice for families and children looking to succeed in the future.

One of the biggest advantages of attending a private school is the expertly-crafted curriculum. Private institutions formulate a distinct curriculum, and establish specific learning goals in order to prepare students for the work force. Higher expectations placed on students hands them the challenge to develop a strong work ethic, and develop strong problem solving skills, which will pay off in dividends in a post-secondary education environment.

Another reason why private schools are superior to public schools is because they accommodate much smaller class sizes so that teachers can give students individual attention. Having a smaller class size promotes increased discussion, and provides students with a comfortable and cohesive learning environment to share and collaborate on ideas. Being able to ask questions, and receiving one-on-one time attention is synonymous to a deeper learning of course content. As a result, students develop a strong sense of identity, and their confidence levels shoot up.

While teachers are expected to do more with smaller classes, the students are also held to very high expectations. Private schools usually have a higher standard of excellence to uphold, and students are also expected to rise to that level of excellence.

When students fail to deliver or excel in public school, it Is because the courses and teaching styles offered are not congruent with the student’s interests and/or strengths. However in IB programs, teachers are able to tailor their classes towards a student’s individual learning styles as well as offer courses beyond the traditional curriculum. This pushes  students to discover their own strengths and weaknesses, and based on that select a university program with confidence

Private institutions also provide students with excellent and innovative resources which provide them with a head start in the classroom . Many schools are able to integrate technology and new teaching strategies into the classroom, meaning your child is learning in a cutting-edge school environment. While children in public school deal with long lines and slow administration, your child will have special access to a variety of social services and school assistance. These factors create an environment which provides students with a platform for success, as opposed to suppressing their individual potential.

Private schools offer numerous advantages for students and families who desire a premium education, and a streamlined path to success. These schools help children prepare for post-secondary education, and beyond as they move into the work force. In a child’s early developmental years, instilling confidence and helping them develop clear principles is a future investment that will eventually result in a  payoff.