Posted by Cary on Apr 24, 2018 8:55:48 AM
Summer Camp

Education Editor, St. Jude’s Academy

Out With Boondoggles, In With Learning at Kids Summer Camp

Parents want the best experiences for their children year-round, especially during the summer break. Kids summer camp is the most preferred option for getting children out of the house and doing something active, instead of wasting the summer away watching television or sitting on the sofa all day long. The trouble lies in the quality of camps that are available, as they range from subpar to stellar programs. At St. Jude’s Academy, our private school foundation allows us to create enriching school holiday camps that are above and beyond the average summer programs. Some of the outstanding features that set our camps apart from other less successful community summer programs include:


  • Better instructors – We pride ourselves on providing the best and brightest minds to educate children, just as we do at our private school. At our kids’ school holiday camp, we select leaders who are well-rounded, inquisitive, and patient. Our instructors share a genuine love for working with children and helping them to learn, grow, and develop to their fullest potential, all while having fun at the same time. We encourage our instructors to contribute their ideas for holiday activities that they excel in and are passionate about teaching to our participants.


  • Great facilities – Kids who attend our school holiday programs have access to the same state-of-the-art facilities that our students enjoy year-round. Our school grounds are the perfect setting for our summer camps where kids enjoy access to our gymnasium and sport court, outdoor spaces, kitchen area, cafeteria, and spaces for working on art, music, and science. Many community camps lack the vital resources that we can offer to our young campers.

  • Expertly designed curriculum – While it’s important for kids to play, have fun, and enjoy being a kid, we strongly believe that they can do this while also learning and developing their minds. Unlike the many camps that focus solely on filling the day with any activity, our programs are carefully curated to provide kids with a great balance each day. Our summer holiday activities are designed to expose children to new ideas and concepts and also give them a chance to explore a diverse range of subjects. Our multi-disciplinary approach makes each day fun and exciting for our participants’ young minds.
  • A name you can trust – St. Jude’s kids’ school holiday camps are backed up by our strong reputation. As a leader in private school education, we draw on our strong roots in education and focus our expertise on delivering the best experiences for your children. St. Jude’s camps come with the same quality of education that our regular private school does, and we are a name that parents can rely on for creating a great environment for their children.

St. Jude’s Academy summer camps provides kids with a fun and adventure-filled way to spend their school holiday, where they are provided with the opportunity to grow and learn without sacrificing quality. With the many resources we have at our disposal, we create programs that let kids enjoy every moment of their summer break with the most fun and fulfilling camp around.

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