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The St. Jude's Academy family includes you!

Parent involvement is integral to St. Jude’s Academy and our students’ success. The St. Jude’s Academy Parent Guild generously volunteers their time to help plan events and fundraisers and raise involvement for our wholesome community. The help that our dedicated parents and families put in significantly improves and enriches our school culture, environment and the opportunities that we can offer to our students. We see our school as a family because our community is always welcoming, warm and accepting of others. We value every individual part of St. Jude’s Academy, including everyone from Junior Kindergarten students to involved Upper School parents to faculty and support staff. Every unique member of the St. Jude’s Academy family has an individual voice and is heard.

Parent Testimonials

“My kids enjoy the small, tight-knit community. Every teacher and faculty member knows them by name and knows who their siblings are in the school. They have made friendships at St. Jude’s that will last them a lifetime. The kids enjoy teachers who allow them to express themselves and who listen to their ideas, even if it is different from their own. Encouraging my kids to think for themselves is what I appreciate the most from St. Jude’s. The teachers who have really connected with my kids are the ones who look at them not as students, but as human beings that are going to change the world for the better.”

Read the full review here.

“You guys are doing a wonderful job. I appreciate all the effort. I checked out the public e-learning platform that launched on the weekend and it’s a joke. You guys are going above and beyond.


“Just a note to let the school know how well the online lessons are going for our sons. Though it has only been three days, so far they are engaged and working at their stations consistently.

A special mention for our teacher who is amazing. She’s conducting online lessons with gusto. Offline, she checks through students’ work and responds with comments or connections, keeping parents in the loop. We are very appreciative of her efforts.”

“I do want to commend you both and all the teachers at SJA.

The ease with which you all have executed the virtual learning platform in a short period of time has been great.

Well done!”

“We really appreciate all your and everyone’s effort from the SJA team, blessed to be part of the St. Jude’s family.”

“I hope you and all of the SJA staff are keeping well.

A quick note to say that you are doing great! I sincerely appreciate all of the efforts to keep the learning going, the home delivery of tools and the constant communication from teachers.

Keep up the good work!”

Yoga for St. Jude’s Academy Parents & Faculty

Please contact D. Goulart at for login information.

5:00-6:00pm every Friday

A specialized class for adults focused on their nervous system that is used in a clinical setting. This class is a blend of Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, resilience based techniques from the Institute of HeartMath and Yin Yoga that is accessible to all no matter what their ability or flexibility. Open to all SJA parents and faculty.

Instruction by: Blossom Yoga