Screening Process Q & As

Download the Screening Process Q & As (PDF)


How to Use the COVID-19 School Screening Check

Q: Is there an app to download on phones or devices?

A: No, the School Screening Check is only on a website. Bookmark the link for

     easy access.

Q: The screening check does not provide a field to enter my student’s name. Is

     this okay?

A: Yes. The student names do not need to be presented.

Q: Should this be done as a family or for each child?

A: One per household is fine.

How to Show Your Results

Q: If my child takes the bus, how do we show the results?

A: The green checkmark must be shown to the driver (by students or by parent/

     guardian) prior to the student boarding the bus.

Q: How do I show my green checkmark if I do the screening on my computer at


A: You can take a picture of the green checkmark on your phone or you can

     print it out. Remember to include the date stamp in your picture.

Q: Is this shown to the teacher who is next to the car at Kiss and Ride?

A: It can be shown to any Kiss and Ride staff member. Staff will be located at

     each door, at each parking lot drop-off station and at the hill beside Four


Q: If I fill out the screening check on behalf of my students, but my spouse

     drops them off, how will he show the green checkmark?

A: The website will allow you to download your results when you get the green

     checkmark. You can send this PDF to the person dropping off your students

     or you can take a picture with your phone and send it to that person.

Q: Do parents need to get out of the car to show the green checkmark?

A: All members of the SJA Community, including Kiss and Ride staff, will continue

     to practice physical distancing. Parents can simply show their phone from the

     comfort of the driver’s seat. There is no need to get out of the car.

Q: How will students show their green checkmark in a contactless way if they

     don’t have a smart phone?

A: Students can present a printed copy of the green checkmark with the correct

     date stamp. Students will not hand in this sheet of paper, they will just show it

     to a Kiss and Ride staff member.

Q: If my student does not have data on their phone, how will they show the

     green checkmark?

A: The screening check should be completed at home before coming to school.

     Take a screenshot of the green checkmark with the date stamp at home,

     then show it to a Kiss and Ride staff member once you arrive.

Q: Does the green checkmark need to be shown electronically?

A: No. You can print out the results and show the piece of paper to the Kiss and

     Ride staff member.

Q: If I have one student in Lower School and another student in Upper School,

     can they still enter through the same door?

A: Yes. Siblings should enter through the youngest sibling’s door.

Q: Do I have to physically walk my children to the door to show the green


A: No. There will be staff members stationed on the hill beside Four Rinks, at

     each drop off point in the SJA parking lot and at each door.

Why This Change Is Being Implemented

Q: Why do I need to do this if I already signed the Agreement and Waiver?

A: Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, we are following the

     recommendations of Peel Public Health to use this screening tool developed

     specifically for schools by the Government of Ontario to further enforce


Q: Can I please understand why I need to wear a mask when dropping off/

     picking up my student?

A: If you are unable to maintain physical distancing while outside you must wear

     a mask. We want to ensure that all members of our SJA community are as

     safe as possible.

Q: Why are you using this instead of an app?

A: We want to keep the process as simple as possible. Using a link instead of an

     app allows parents to access this screening check from any computer or

     device without having to download anything.