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Our Arts Program

Happening Right Now: SJA’s Imaginarium Virtual Arts Showcase!

On June 24, 2020, St. Jude’s Academy launched the website for our first JK to Grade 12 Virtual Arts Showcase: Imaginarium.

This year, the SJA community is able to experience a very special arts extravaganza like no other. We created the SJA Imaginarium website to showcase the talent and skill of our St. Jude’s Academy family and to capture the magic for you to enjoy online. This is the St. Jude’s Academy difference—we regularly celebrate our students’ success, and this year, we have done so in a unique, accessible digital space. The SJA community is able to look around the site, view the slide shows, click on the different art pieces and appreciate the hard work our students have put in to create these beautiful art pieces.

Our families can visit this website until June 30th to see the displays our students have created. There is a wide selection of art, both visual and performance, for you to view. Take a trip back in time to the Christmas concert or see what our students have been creating while learning continuously online. Experience the journey of art from our kindergarteners to our graduating Grade 12 students.

Be sure to check out the Shakespeare Through the Ages section and stop in at the Teacher Projects section to see how artistic our teachers have been this year.

We hope you enjoy this Imaginarium. We are together, even though we are apart.


Arts at St. Jude’s Academy is an enriched experience lead by specialists in Music, Visual Arts and Drama. From as young as 3, students explore multiple disciplines in the Arts and are encouraged to express themselves creatively. Although the IB program is primarily an academics-focussed program, learning the Arts enforces a more well-rounded experience for the student, allowing them to flourish not only academically but artistically as well. Moreover, the Arts program at St. Jude’s Academy is not an isolated experience, as topics explored in academic curriculum are weaved into the Arts curriculum. This makes students’ learning applicable and relevant to different contexts, both interculturally and across diverse subject areas. For example, students can be found creating artistic masterpieces using recycling as a theme, during their related unit in Science. Education is a holistic experience at St. Jude’s Academy, where students strengthen and grow their knowledge beyond standard academics, in real-world contexts.