Extracurricular Programs

St. Jude’s Academy offers a variety of Extracurricular Programs to students in our Lower School.

Discovering new interests and new talents, and committing to activities beyond academics allows our students the opportunity to attempt something new, gather genuine skills, and to experience, learn, and grow!

These programs run after school and are offered all year. Some programs are offered to specific ages while others are open to all Lower School students. These Extracurricular Programs are optional and not part of regular in-class work.

We provide Program information to our SJA Community through our weekly Friday Updates.

Our Extracurricular After School Program Offerings

Our Lower School students can enjoy a variety of enriching Extracurricular Programs at St. Jude’s Academy. SJA has fun education programs to engage and expand your child’s scholarly experience beyond the classroom. Highly accredited, motivational and exciting instructors teach all of the programs. If you have any questions, please email afterschoolprograms@stjudesacademy.com.