St. Judes Academy Upper Schools

Extracurricular Clubs

Celebrating diversity and individuality is an integral part of St. Jude’s Academy’s student life and all-around school culture. The variety of extracurriculars available for our students reflects our different interests and the ways in which we express ourselves uniquely.  Clubs at St. Jude’s Academy are meant to give our students opportunities to express themselves in ways that are not explored in the classroom. Whether it’s drawing, rock band, chess or Latin dance, clubs allow the student community to grow and connect organically through shared interests.

Some examples of exciting clubs offered for our students:

  • Mock Trial
  • Maths
  • Model UN
  • Cards & Games
  • DECA
  • Crafts
  • Spelling Bee
  • Yearbook

and more…

Grades 7 to 12 Extracurriculars for 2023-2024

Our Upper School students can enjoy a variety of enriching Extracurricular Programs at St. Jude’s Academy. SJA has fun education programs to engage and expand your child’s scholarly experience beyond the classroom. Highly accredited, motivational and exciting instructors teach all of the programs.  If you have any questions, please email

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Athletic Extracurriculars

For many students, a building block to who they are is discovered and nurtured through athletics. St. Jude’s Academy embraces athletics as a means to have fun, be active and to develop athletic talent, leading students on to university teams and even career opportunities.

While developed through our in-class Physical Education program, athletics blossom into many other opportunities including our House System Intramurals Club, our European Football Club (which hosted several Real Madrid soccer clinics this past summer), the bringing together of our school and the SJA Senior Basketball team, and many other exciting opportunities.