Posted by Kiara Jones on Jun 4, 2024 6:56:05 AM

As you consider secondary education options, private high schools are worth a closer look. With more resources and a more agile approach to education, private schools can offer better academic outcomes in many cases.

St. Jude’s Academy is a trusted and widely respected private high school serving families in Mississauga and nearby areas. We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, offering unique programs that foster open-minded students who are prepared to challenge themselves and succeed.

The Best Private High Schools Have High University Acceptance Rates

Measuring achievement, proficiency, and success at a private high school is achieved through standard criteria-based testing, presentations, projects, and engagement. Students earn a diploma based on credits.

Parents evaluating the best private high schools can look at university acceptance rates to determine the academic success and reputation of any particular school or program. St. Jude’s Academy is proud of our students achieving a 100% acceptance rate at their schools of choice. This is a testament to our intensive standards and the global reputation of the International Baccalaureate education. Students who study at St. Jude’s Academy have a competitive advantage and fewer obstacles to face.

Insist on the Best Curriculum

At St. Jude’s Academy, we follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) system of education. IB private high schools ease the transition between secondary school and university.

Students choose higher and standard-level subjects and work toward credits to earn their diplomas. There is more self-directed learning and research involved in the IB system. Students gain more independence and essential skills that help them succeed in university as well-rounded global citizens.

Consider private schools in Mississauga for the best preparation for success in college.

More Focus on Individual Learners

A standout difference between public and private high schools is the focus on individual learners.

The provincial public system has limited resources. Many fine schools do impressive work under the restrictions they have. Private schools do not have the same restrictions. There’s a better educator-to-student ratio, with more support available.

With better resources and funding, private schools also offer academic programs and approaches that aren’t possible within the provincial system.

This ensures we can focus on students who need it the most, without compromising the experience or learning of other students.

Classes are less crowded, there are more options for home learning and international learning, and private high schools typically have access to more resources.

Consistency Through Primary, Middle, and High School

St. Jude’s Academy is respected as one of the best private high schools for students in Mississauga and nearby areas. We are a comprehensive school covering JK to Grade 12.

There’s consistency available if you have a younger child or children in your family. The International Baccalaureate program starts from the Primary Years and continues to Grades 11 and 12. Early years focus on development, learning to evaluate and use information, think critically, and apply information. We support inquiry-based learning so students can grow and discover things naturally.

It’s not too early to think about high school and beyond. You can talk to our admissions team for more information about early childhood, primary, and middle years education.

A True School Community

One of the ways we foster community is with our house system. Students are assigned houses upon enrolment. These create a sense of community and belonging.

Houses compete for points in good-natured activities. The house system encourages positive competition, collaboration, and problem-solving. It motivates students to succeed in academic and extracurricular areas.

Parents and families may be familiar with the system. It is common throughout Canada and much of the Commonwealth. For those who haven’t seen the house system before, it will highlight the benefits of community involvement and the support structure and camaraderie fostered between students.

An Alternative to Catholic Schools in Mississauga, Ontario

St. Jude’s Academy is a non-denominational school in Mississauga. Many parents consider our school an alternative to Catholic schools in Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Catholic schools in Mississauga, Ontario, intertwine an approved curriculum with faith-based learning. This is vital for parents who want spirituality and Catholic values to be present in the classroom.
  • Catholic schools in Mississauga, Ontario, may incorporate specific religious programs like theological studies to expand student knowledge within the context of their faith.

Like all schools, Catholic schools in Mississauga, Ontario, can vary their approach based on specific values, association with a parish, and educational goals. The best Catholic schools in Mississauga, Ontario, are known for their high educational standards.

St. Jude’s Academy is open to all students of diverse backgrounds and faiths. We respect the opinions and beliefs of students and their families. While we do not follow a Catholic curriculum, our programs emphasize the importance of principles, respect, and global awareness. Many of our values are consistent or comparable to those of the best Catholic private high schools, and we are known as a school that refuses to get caught up in social agendas that distract from real learning. We invite you to meet our students and faculty as you decide if St. Jude’s Academy is the right fit for your family.